Experiment with Green Screen

Summary: What I did was use one of David So’s youtube video and the Shia LaBeouf inspirational green screen video and combine it to make this video. I use the link at the bottom to tell me how to use the green screen. In this video I try to match Shia Labeoulf’s voice and the music in the back ground so like it’s saying something. I also tried to change David So’s video so I wouldn’t copy  it. And lastly, I added Shia Labeoulf face into the video so that my teacher would know that I can use the green screen






Film Storytelling Project


What my team did is that me made a film about a certain serious person I know. The video is called “Fast and Serious” the title kinda explains itself of what the video is about. My team only had 3 weeks to do this project which included storyboard making, shot list creating, filming , and editing and blogging. I  made a film about person that is serious but he hasn’t figured it out that, so his friend helps him figured it out with flashbacks from the past times he got all serious.


  1. Searching and figuring out what to do for project.
  2. Still searching for project topic
  3. More time figuring out what to do for project
  4. Idea found and started story boarding
  5. Storyboard finish and shot list started
  6. Shot list finished and started filming introduction and ending scenes.
  7. Introduction and ending filming still in progress.
  8. Introduction and ending part finished and in progress for flashback 1 out of 3.
  9. Flashback 1 finished and into productions on flashback 2 out of 3.
  10. Flashback 2 finished and in final progress on flashback 3out of 3.
  11. Finished filming flashback 3 and done filming film.
  12. In progress of editing film.
  13. Still in progress of editing film.
  14. Finished editing and submitting film.



  1. From 0:52 to 1:00 We wanted a dark spot so it would feel tense.
  2. From 1:27 to 1:28 I added a punching sound it was probably the best punching sound I could find.
  3. From 1:42 to 1:43 There was a light on the left side of the face.
  4. From 1:42 to 1:46 Nghia edited the video so that it went back and fourth. It was an easy job but it was my first time I did something like that.
  5. From 2:07 to 2:10 Our cameraman used a POV of Nghia facing up. And poured the snack on a piece of paper. It was a cool camera angle to do.
  6. Through out the video, we used the natural lighting to light up one side of the face, we had to find a window that would do this.

What I learned : I learned that film making is a difficult and long process. This film was very difficult to remember what you want on the film and film scene technique that is wanted. How I problem solved it was by having to scene shot list with me and having my camera man, Adam Findlay,to help me figure it out. Another problem was myself from laughing to much, I problem solved it by looking at the middle of the actor’s, Nghia Tran, face. Also, one last problem was the editing, the transition wanted and parts that I need to get rid of was rather a complex problem, my team solved with their skills that they learned in other areas that involved film making